12. Bleach + Vocaloid + Optimus Prime

This soon to be Miku Prime's Zanpakutō is called the 'Dr. Wu DW-P20 Soul Eater'. True to its name, Bleach Miku Prime will look awesome holding it. At the time of this writing, this item is not yet released. But according to a few sources here and here, it will be out in the wild late this February at USD11.90. So, i'm stoke about it. I only hope it's proportionally long enough for Miku Prime. Stay tune,..

as bloody as hell

the red color rhymes with optimus prime's windshield

It's middle of March now, and look what i found in ebay,..

it's ready baby
I just sent a few questions to the seller before i go on and click the 'Buy Now' button.

A few hours later,..

ETA is on the second week of April

After nearly a year procrastinating my updates, here is the final picture of Bleach Miku Prime.

This is one bad-ass Bankai! And how does Miku prime calls out his bankai,.. that would be.. "Shi no Kami no Kami".. God of God of Death!

miku prime
miku prime
God of God of Death

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