6. The Price Tag

This transformer piece cost me an Atom bomb. After conversion from MYR535.40, it's about USD160. Ka-Ching!

MYR535.42 after 15% member discount
There are two companies producing the Jetwing Optimus Prime. Hasbro from the US and TakaraTomy from Japan (they are business partners).  The black version is however only sold in Asia by TakaraTomy. Now, there is a very steep difference in price between these two companies. Toys "R" Us sells the Hasbro (red-blue) version for about USD100. The black version by TakaraTomy is selling in the range of USD200 to USD300 in eBay. So, I didn't get a bad deal after all for paying so much for it. Plus, KKTOYS gave me 15% discount. I'd like to say, to change your attitude first change your perspective. 

That said, checkout KKTOYS at https://www.facebook.com/KKTOYS. It was the last stock when I bought it though. But who knows, you might just get lucky. 

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