Miku Prime comes with a standard Fender Guitar Blaster. Just Kidding:) Feast your eyes on Miku Prime's teal coloured tattoos. It is as close as you can get to make Optimus Prime Vocaloid worthy.

Jetwing Miku Prime
And for the main event, presenting in the black conner, is the whole picture of Miku Prime ミク·プライム,..

Without Jet Wing
The wings are just chrome cool. But can't wait till I see the Jetfire Power-Up Optimus Prime combination. I got a feeling that this Jetwing version will pale in comparison. One of the drawback feature of those Big Add On Jet Wing is that they are BIG! HUGE! It really does make Miku Prime look bulgingly disproportionate on his rear upper body. And with those HUGE Gatling Cannons, things really can't be any bigger. Actually things do get bigger if you spread out the wings! It's not ugly by the way. If it makes you feel better, in the movie, the Jet Wing on Optimus Prime doesn't look any smaller.

With Jet Wing
It took me two tries to transform Miku Prime into his vehicle mode. And it probably took more than half an hour to succeed the second time. No joke. This is not for kids under 30. It does feel like something is bound to break off because you need to apply some insane pressure to most of the steps. By the way, in the instruction guide, it takes 26 steps to transform this piece. Yes, 26 steps! But once it gets transformed, you'd be like, wow, this toy really does transform into a truck. Lol! 

Optimus Prime Truck Mode
Optimus Prime Truck Side View
Optimus Prime Truck Side View
Truck showroom view
Jetfire in the background
Ps: In the background is Jetfire in his robot mode.

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