7. Jetfire Reissue Version

As I have mentioned earlier, you can't purchase a new Jetfire Reissue Version without buying the 2 Pack Leader Class Toy that also includes the red-blue normal Prime in one box. So I had to turn to eBay. And lucky me, there is one seller who is in my country that sells the Jetfire Reissue Version. You can see the listing here. This guy sells a lot of transformer toys. Word of advice, always get the tracking number! It's really useful to calm the nerves. 

I received the eBay parcel about 1 week after purchasing Miku Prime. Exactly on the 15th February 2014. Unboxing was unreal.

weapons checked!
Jetfire came with a cardbox full of bubble wrappers. It really does give the first impression that this transformer is free of defects. But I checked, and double checked, everything is just perfect.

bubble air wrapper for safety
I got to be honest, this piece is beautiful. With the walking stick, it really does feel that Jetfire is a thousand years old. He doesn't come with a red eye like the first version, but my oh my, in his robot mode, he really did blow my mind. Exceeded my expectation by two fold.

From the Front
From the Stick Side
From the walking stick side, you can see very little indication of any defects. On one of the wings in the picture, you'll see a red Decepticon Logo with the number 17972 printed below it. And for god knows why, there's also a round logo of a skunk in black and white. Maybe it's a normal thing for Jet Planes to have a logo like that? Or does Jetfire smells!

from the rear
From the rear you can see two scratched, rusted or decayed white grey Decepticon logo on each side of the wing. Just another indicator of how old Jetfire is.

from the gun side
Lastly, on the gun side, you'll see some tiny winy red font written on Jetfire's arm. All i can make off it is 'LT.COL.BRADLEY', next line, 'Warning', next line,.. can't see! You really need a microscope to see the rest. Another thing to note is that the Gun has a trigger that can send the long missile bullet flying! Seriously.

Unfortunately, I dared not transform Jetfire into his SR-71 Blackbird spy plane mode. There're a few reviews on youtube that really amplifies the difficulty level of Jetfire's transformation. Mind you i did try. And on the first step, yes, the first step, i abandoned it. I think i nearly broke one small protruding connecter thing. So no picture of Jetfire in vehicle mode.

Total damage, MYR354.90 ( USD108).

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