1. Welcome to Vocaloid Hatsune Miku Optimus Prime Website :)

No, what you are about to see is not a custom made Optimus Prime. This website is created to showcase the latest Optimus Prime (black version) toy base on the latest Transformer Movie 3, Dark of The Moon. Anyhow, the black version Optimus Prime did not appear in that movie or any Transformer movie (unless it represents the temporarily dead Optimus Prime in Transformer Movie 2, Revenge of The Fallen). I am not exactly sure why TakaraTomy designed this version. But, because this version has Vocaloid Hatsune Miku's color mix on it, I decided to call it the Miku Prime ミク·プライム! (Actually my friend Massy an avid figurine collector mentioned the Miku Prime name first.). Look at the teal (greenish) tattoo paint on this black color Optimus Prime. It's exactly like Miku's hair color right?

Hatsune Miku by the way is the most famous Vocaloid character. If you don't know who she is or what Vocaloid is you should really google it or click on this link. You are really missing on something insane if you don't. 
not my picture, but this is black-teal optimus prime art is really cool
For starters, let's get the name right. 
On the box, this Optimus Prime is called the JETWING OPTIMUS PRIME, Black Ver.

To be more technical, according to the instruction guide, the model name of this Optimus Prime is the Jet Wing DA-15 Optimus Prime. I guess the model name is the same for both black and the normal blue-red version. 

Jet Wing DA-15 Optimus Prime
On Amazon.com, it's listed as Transformers Nightwatch Jet Wing Optimus Prime DA-15. 'Nightwatch' does sounds cool but no where in the manuals or on the box can the word be found. Additionally, on the internet you may come across the term Nemesis Optimus Prime which refers to a Decepticon clone of Optimus Prime which is also black in color. This version only exist in the cartoon series though.  

They can call it whatever they want to. But we are gonna to call it the #MikuPrime. 

I was surfing the net wondering if there are any other Miku Primes. Lo and behold. I won't let this dude touch my Miku Prime. Lol.
looks like a decapitated optimus prime
another cool teal colored jetfire optimus prime art

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