9. Jetpower Miku Prime Vs Jetpower Movie Prime

If you have seen the second Transformers movie ROTF a few times, you'll start to connect some dots about the storyline. When Megatron was revived from under the ocean floor, he was in bad shape and missing a leg. So one unfortunate Decepticon was sacrificed, albeit forcefully, and with the magic of the stolen piece of the All-Spark, Megatron jumped out of the ocean like brand new.

So, when Optimus Prime was revived using the Matrix, he was also in bad shape. Then Jetfire sacrificed himself after saying 'Optimus, take my parts, and you will have a power you've never known. Fulfill your destiny'. Everyone knows what happens next. Jetpower Optimus Prime emerge. See the connection here? Transformers can also do a transplant! 

In my opinion, Jetpower Optimus Prime is the strongest version ever to exist in the world of Transformers. Even by comparing it with the animated series. Look how easily Jetpower Optimus Prime defeated both Megatron and The Fallen in ROTF in this mode. He can even fight close combat with Jetfire parts on. Unlike in the third Transformers movie DOTM, he had to dispatch his Jet Wing in order to fight close combat. Furthermore, he lost the fight with Sentinel Prime in DOTM. So I rest my case. Jetpower Optimus Prime is the strongest version ever. Ok! Ok! Perhaps i'm over exaggerating. In the animated series Optimus Prime did combine with Ultra Magnus and also with Omega Supreme. Both are formidable Autobats. But if you line them side by side by side, Hatsune Miku will still choose Jetpower Optimus Prime of course! 

Jetpower Optimus Prime
shoulder upgrade checked

Jetfire Optimus Prime
backside wings checked

Jetfire Optimus Prime
the chain gun bullets is sweetly replicated by FWI-03-Jet Power Upgrade Kit but sadly not with Jetfire combination

Jetfire Optimus Prime
the strongest Optimus Prime in the world of Transformers

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