5. Jet Wing

Bigger than an iPhone
The twin chrome Gatling Guns or Gatling Cannons when connected to the jetpack is referred to as the Jet Wing in the instruction manual. Wait the minute, 'Jetwing' or 'Jet Wing' ? TakaraTomy should really standardize the naming convention.

Miku Prime in Jetwing Mode
There is another form of transformation that came from Optimus Primes' truck trailer apart from the Jet Wing that did not materialized into the toy form. The truck trailer transforms into a circular structure which only appears for a split second early in the movie (DOTM). You can watch it here (in slow motion) to catch it. 

The circular shape thing with the floodlights is totally missing in the official toy. 
Cicular Structure
And apparently, the circular structure also carries Optimus Prime's weapon and shield.
Weapon infantry?
Oh well, beggars can't be choosy, Miku Prime's chrome Gatling Guns and the chrome wings looks cool and that compensate for the lack of movie representation of this circular infantry structure. Well, after some digging, I found that U.F.O does produce this circular infantry thingy. It is called the UFO LED LIGHT UP SILVER ARMORY TRAILER FOR Transformers Optimus Prime.

Here're some screenshots of Jetwing Optimus Prime taken from the movie DOTM.

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