2. The Project

You may have wondered, what exactly is Project Vocaloid Optimus Prime. Well, here's my take on it. I believe that there will be some future Transformer fans who wants to know about this special figure. And may have questions like, Would the Black Version Jetwing Optimus Prime released late in 2011 be compatible to combine with Jetfire which is another Transformer that was released in 2009. So far, Jetfire is the only Transformer that can combine with Optimus Prime. Albeit he had to be dead to enable the combination in the movie. And where does Hatsune Miku fits into all this? Well, I cannot relate the Black Optimus Prime to all the Movies because well he is Black in color. So I think it's only right, to give this guy a reason for existence, and that the sole existence is to serve Hatsune Miku:) Disagree with me or Agree with me, I still think this is a cool project and if you are interested in any of the missions, read on.   

Project Vocaloid Optimus Prime consist of 6 exciting activities below:
  1. Purchase Jetwing Optimus Prime Black Version - Complete
  2. Purchase Jetfire (ROTF) reissue version - In Progress from eBay - Complete
  3. Combine Miku Prime with Jetfire - Got to find the manuals for this - Complete
  4. Replace Miku Prime's hands with U.F.O. Optimus Prime Hands (Silver) - In Progress from eBay - Complete
  5. Purchase Hatsune Miku to complete project Vocaloid Optimus Prime - Append, Figma, Nendoroid or Good Smile Racing ?
  6. Find a Bleach Character to pair with Miku Prime (optional). - In Progress from eBay
All of the Hatsune Miku pictures currently used are copied from the internet. I will replace them as this blog evolves. Hopefully, I can get my hands on a pretty and alluring Hatsune Miku figurine soon to compliment this handsome Optimus Prime.

On another note, finding the reissue version of Jetfire is not going to be easy. The Jetfire reissue version is only sold as a 2 pack Leader Class Transformer with Jetfire and Optimus Prime packed in one box. The reissue version isn't sold separately.
reissue version is sold in 2 pack leader class transformer
The first version Jetfire is still around and can be found in eBay in mint condition and sold with its own box, but I want to get hold of the reissue version because Jetfire's body color is somewhat more black and realistic! Although the first version seems to be a nice fit with Miku Prime since the body color has some teal turquoise/blueish color on it. By the way, Jetfire is an old Decepticon robot which defected and joined the Autobot for some reason. He was featured in the second Transformer movie Revenge of The Fallen (ROTF). What's so special about this transformer is that it combines with Optimus Prime to produce the awesome Jetpower Optimus Prime Version. Jetpower is not the same as Jetwing. Jetpower is from ROTF (TF2) while Jetwing is from DOTM (TF3). You can watch a short youtube clip from TF2 where Jetfire combined with Optimus Prime below. Some people like to call this combination as Powerup Optimus Prime.

jetfire first version

jetfire reissue version
As some of you might have figured out, there is a risk of failing to combine Jetfire with Miku Prime. Jetfire is from the ROTF movie while Miku Prime comes from the DOTM movie which is 3 years apart. But with fingers crossed and some one proof in the internet that the two figures can combine, I made an eBay purchase of the Jetfire reissue version this morning. So let's see how that pans out. You can watch Miku Prime (not in his Black color) in his Jetwing Mode base on the DOTM movie below

If you are wondering how many main version of Optimus Prime exist in the Transformer Movies, the answer is 3 4. In the first movie there's only Optimus Prime (2007). The second movie ROTF (2009) featured Jetfire combined with Optimus Prime version called the Jetpower mode. The third movie DOTM (2011) saw Optimus Prime in his Jetwing version. Finally, at the moment of this writing there is a fourth version Optimus Prime from the next Transformer Movie 4 Age of Extinction (AOE) set to be released June 2014. Watch the trailer below. 

Can't wait to watch this movie. However, I'm not really excited with the new Optimus Prime toy on this fourth version though. Click here to see it yourself. Miku Prime is much more cooler no?

What if you want Optimus Prime's fingers to make a V sign? Or strum an electric guitar for Hatsune Miku? Well Unidentified Factory Originals (UFO) sells these awesome Optimus Prime hands with flexible fingers. Will ebay it soon. The original hand is very rigid with only a hole on it to hold a weapon. 

Obviously, you will notice that I already bought the Jetwing Optimus Prime Black Version. Hence the Miku Prime. This Transformer details will be featured in the next post. The first part of this website as you have noticed is heavily loaded with Optimus Prime and less about Hatsune Miku cause I don't have any Hatsune Miku figurine yet :(

Skip this paragraph if you are not familiar with the Bleach anime or weekly Shonen Jump manga from Japan. Since Miku Prime also looks like a shinigami (with the Black color and all), Bleach crossed my mind. Let's see where this idea will bring us. For now, I haven't thought of any Bleach Character that can pair nicely with Miku Prime. Food for thought, for Shikai mode Miku Prime can transform into its Jetwing mode, and for Bangkai, Miku Prime can combine with Jetfire to become the awesome Jetpower Miku Prime! I don't think Bleach Miku Prime needs a Zanpakutō but let's see. I just saw a perfect Zanpakutō here. The blood color matches Miku Prime's windshield red colour. 


  1. Bleach character that can pair up with Miku Prime? Grimjoy *spins. Ok I kid. Uhhh don't Nel have the same color?